Xtreme Krav Maga ROMANIA 2014

P1090507-1024x576X Treme Krav Maga is a unique 7 day program of pure fighting skills training!

This exciting, one of a kind, 5 hour per day program will cover: working with REAL weapons such as knives and axes, Urban sessions – training taking place on the streets, defending armed assaults, and workshops in various opened & closed environments.

Participants will have the privilege of working in a small group and one to one basis with our most experienced Expert level 1 Instructor George Husar. George is among the highest qualified Krav Maga experts in the UK.

Training will be adapted to participants so it is challenging for both complete beginners and regular “Kravers”. All attendees will receive an official IKMF certificate in proof of their achievements.

The upcoming XTreme Krav Maga program will take place 28th July until 4th August 2014 (Limited number of places available)

Training Tips and Equipment:
· Training clothes: Bring enough clothes to last you for four training session
· Training Gear: Groin protection, mouthpiece, helmet (with face grill or full visor) & shin guards are highly recommended. Also optional: forearm guards, hand wraps.
· Training shoes: wrestling shoes or trainers are fine.
· Shooting range gear: If you prefer your own eye and ear protection when shooting, bring it; otherwise, it will be provided.

The food is good, relatively inexpensive, and safe. All food is fresh and grown locally. The water is safe to be drunk straight from the tap.

It’s always nice to know a few local expressions.

Basic Romanian phrases:
SCUZAMA – excuse me / I’m sorry
TE ROG – please
BINE – ok
UNDE – where
LA REVEDERE – see you later
BUNA DIMINEATA – good morning
NOAPTE BUNA – good night
MULTUMESC – thank you

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