Our Krav Maga is different from the rest.

Globally recognised and internationally awarded. We put people before profit and value our students above all else.

The Spartan Method. Self defence techniques, tactics and thinking from reality-tested methods. Counter-terror and counter-crime elite special forces. Experience via our Chief and Team, that is to say: life, courses and work, close-protection and security. Our instructor team trained and accredited by the world’s leading military, close protection and law enforcement instructors.

Krav Maga Self Defence

Firstly, showing how your body language, situational awareness and avoidance management will help you to keep safe.
Secondly, teaching you how to manage the physical, mental and emotional impact of violence. As a result training includes how distance, movement and conflict management will support you.
Above all we instruct you how to fight back. To survive any kind of physical violence or threat. With or without weapons, by single or multiple assailants and in any environment.
Finally, we educate you on the legal and medical consequences of violent conflict.


Our safe teaching is based on simplicity, natural reactions and your own abilities and limitations as an individual.
Furthermore, we invest in, develop and evolve our self defence education. Most importantly, you have access to the latest training and teaching methods and scientific thinking and equipment. Certainly, everything built for your easy learning and fast skill proficiency.

All about YOU

The Spartan Method is focused on you. You are the centre of our teaching. You will find our instruction is adapted to you personally. Therefore, you are the reason we proactively design and develop our self defence education.

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