“We all really enjoyed the session and everyone got something positive out of it. We all feel better prepared should something happen. Hopefully it won’t!
The session was pitched at just the right level for us all and physically everyone could participate which was ideal.
The team also said it was great that the information we learned could be used in our personal as well as work lives!” – The Growth Company

“Thank you to Spartans Academy for a great self-defence class for our Leeds Junior Lawyers Division members last week.
Such an important class that we all found extremely informative and very much enjoyed!” – Leeds Junior Lawyers Division



“We thought it was really fun but also informative. It felt like everyone was quite connected despite being over zoom, and the teacher was really nice and encouraging. Also felt good to have a conversation at the end of the session, and also good to learn about the legal aspects and what to do / what not to do if we are attacked.” – Leeds Arts University Union 


“Thank you very much to Spartans Academy of Krav Maga for running the self-defence session for the Women’s Group at St Wilfrid’s Centre. It was a very interesting and useful session and we all enjoyed it a lot. Gergana is a very experienced and approachable instructor and she taught us all the techniques in a clear and enthusiastic way.” (staff)

“It was very interesting and showed us a few good moves to stay safe. Gergana gave clear descriptive instructions. Also good use of practicals. A good introduction.” (staff)

“The instructor was very, very good, explaining things very clearly to us. We could ask questions.” (client)

“Very interesting. I’d love to have more. Very useful information to have. The instructor was very good and got everyone involved.” (client)

“It was really interesting. I learnt how to defend myself. I felt relaxed.” (client)

“From the start of our session Gergana was amazing. She was inspirational and knowledgeable and captured our students attention from the start. She managed to teach a wide variety of Krav Maga to us in such a short space of time whilst keeping it fun. She used real life examples to impress the importance of self defence and she covered when it needed to be used appropriately which felt like important information. All of the young women in our group really benefitted from seeing a female instructor be brave and strong and they left feeling inspired and one of the students stated that she felt all pupils from age 10 and upwards should be taught things like this. Gergana was really friendly and just amazing at what she does!” – Verity, IDAS

TT_-_logo_v1“The feedback from our participants was that they found the sessions really enjoyable and that they liked doing something different and that took them out of their comfort zone. They all said that they had learnt something that could benefit them both now and in the future.  From a personal point of view, I really liked the sessions and thought Gheorghe was incredibly knowledgeable. I really like how he made the sessions both challenging and fun, whilst keeping the group engaged at all times. He had a really good manner with the groups and his firm approach is something that I think the groups will benefit from. He was very approachable and took time at the end to answer any specific questions the group had and give demonstrations to different situations that perhaps hadn’t been covered in the session.  I thought the basic self-defence sessions were brilliant and something that I feel everybody, regardless of age, sex or ability could benefit from and it’s something we would definitely like to do again on future NCS cohorts.” – Kris at Tigers Trust

Krav Maga for Cathedral Archer Project“We were very happy with how the sessions ran, they were well organised and Gheorghe, our instructor explained things well and made the experience of learning self-defence enjoyable. It was clear that he was very passionate about teaching and connected well with the clients. We feel that everyone who attended gained useful knowledge of self-defence. The service users were disappointed that we had only organised 4 sessions and were very keen to get involved in more.

On behalf of the Cathedral Archer Project and Sheffield Hallam University, we are very grateful for your time and effort and we would definitely consider using Krav Maga Academy again.” – Kay, Sheffield Hallam University

jlgb “We absolutely loved it, Gheorghe was amazing and was really good with the children! We would love to have you come again at some point. We hope Gheorghe enjoyed it too!” – Zoe, Northern Development Worker, at JLGB


“What a great class for anyone to take. My son, who is 12 now has been going for a year and has grown so much through this kind of teaching and training. He has been challenged mentally and physically and really likes it. George and Hannah really have a big heart for the kids and pour their lives into all that they do. He’s much more confident in himself and even practices at home without being asked. He really loves it!” – Jeanna (Children’s Self Defence York)

“My 6 year old daughter loves this class. Her confidence has grown so much since starting!” – Sammy (Children’s Self Defence York)

“Jacob (nearly eleven years old) really loves his Self Defence lessons, and as a parent I love him going. It’s a great hobby but more importantly Jacob has already used what he has learned to defend himself against a much bigger and older boy in school, who got my son in a very dangerous headlock from behind. Jacob goes to what I would describe as a “very nice” school (not like my old school!!!), and the teachers handled the situation appropriately afterwards… I however think Jacob handled the situation better. I am very pleased that he was able to look after himself, he has showed a bully that he won’t be pushed about, that he can and will defend himself. Thanks to the team Jacob came away with a few bruises rather than a serious injury. Thanks team! From Jacob and his parents.” – Jen (Children’s Self Defence York)

“Brilliant self defence class. My Son has been attending for a while now, and it’s made a huge difference to his confidence. I feel this is a key life skill that every child should be taught. Thank you Gheorghe & The Spartans!” – Katie (Children’s Self Defence Harrogate)

“I have been wanting to learn Krav Maga for a while, and searching the internet I came across the Spartans Academy. After reading the reviews and Gheorghe’s biography I knew they were a great club, lead by an experience practitioner. Being busy I decided that I needed a crash course in the basic Krav Maga movement patterns so I can get the best out of the classes when I can attend. With that in mind I arranged for a four hour 1-2-1 session with Gheorghe. Despite me being a complete novice to Krav Maga and having flexibility of a breeze block, Gheorghe worked patiently with me, developing my movement patterns, basic Krav Maga skills, and overall situational awareness. At the end of the session I had developed some of the basic skills needed for Krav Maga, and I am really looking forward to getting to the classes over the coming months ahead. Gheorghe is very professional, patient, and a great teacher.” – Darren

“I absolutely love going to Krav Maga. It is the best part of my week. It’s changed my life and made me feel so much more confident within myself and in everyday life. I feel that everybody should know how to defend themselves. The Instructors are first class and there are no egos in the club, just like minded people who want to be able to protect themselves in different situations. Everyone is made to feel welcome.Thank you so much all for your help and support.” – Bianca (Newcastle)

“I can tell many stories about the various benefits of Krav Maga which include how it has helped me to improve my self-defence capability and confidence, general health, fitness and overall well-being, increased my circle of friends and influence and even had an impact on my relationship status. But the following three things really stand out for me:

At a very challenging time in my life, I got fit, lost some weight and gained some very useful muscle and confidence. In fact, I’m now in the kind of physical condition that I was in around 15-20 years ago and I’m 55 now! Back of this, I then managed to persuade the most amazing woman to be my girlfriend. For all of this, I am very grateful for the influence and inspiration of my Krav coaches and Krav Maga training.

Secondly, I have been very fortunate to have been training with Spartans Academy which is led by globally respected Gheorghe Husar and his team of expert coaches. Spartans Academy don’t just teach Krav Maga as a mode of self-defence but rather, (and this is how I see things), as a way of life, informing how one conducts oneself in all situations i.e., with situational awareness, balance, extreme care and very good will. No matter where I may find myself in the days, weeks, months and years ahead, Gheorghe and his team of expert coaches will continue to influence me positively.

Finally, I have also been very fortunate to meet some of the most interesting, talented and friendly people ever, many of whom have already become firm friends. Contrary to the popular misconception that self-defence classes are full of meat-heads, doormen and bodyguard types, the Krav Maga classes which I have attended have included people who are serial entrepreneurs, business owners, writers, artists, musicians, pharmacists, solicitors, waiters, chefs and even sales guys like me! Of course, there are a few bodyguard types but most of these instruct in Krav Maga!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a hobby which can have a genuinely transformative impact on your life, then I highly recommend Krav Maga with Spartans Academy.” – Andrew (Hull)

“Such a brilliantly rewarding class, lifetime benefits for the young participants.” – Ruth (Children’s Self Defence Hull)

“I’d just like to say how much I’m enjoying the lessons and training. The instructors are superb and inspiring to say the least.” – Chris (York)

“My daughter is really enjoying the sessions.  I’m so pleased she’s got an activity to increase her awareness and confidence in her body’s strength and abilities.” – Jade (Children’s Self Defence York)

“I just want to say WOW!!
My daughter had an absolute blast last night and enjoyed every minute. She had no clue at all what to expect and on arriving was extremely nervous to the point she could not talk to the instructor.
After speaking with Gheorghe she was more than happy to give it a go, Mum not so keen as some of the other group members looked rather large and intimidating, it was a long 2 hrs of nail-biting waiting. My daughter came out of the lesson, bouncing!! She mentioned that the Gheorghe was patient, he was extremely clear on procedures where to stand etc., she could not stop talking all the way home, she also said the other group members, even though they went a little careful with her, were considerate of her height and age but also were encouraging her to be strong.
My daughter is keen to carry on and I look forward to seeing her brim with confidence after the next few sessions.” – Sharon (Harrogate)

“I’ve been training with the guys from Spartans since May. Each session both builds and recaps in previous routines and methods. 2 hrs is perfect for fitness and working on the drills. We’ve built up a core of regulars as well as continual taster sessions bringing in new faces. I’m really enjoying the classes and would recommend to anyone wanting to get fit while learning excellent core defence skills. Thanks to the guys from Spartans.” – Neil (Leeds)

“I’ve been really impressed with the classes and Gheorghe’s knowledge, insight and understanding, not just of Krav Maga and biomechanics, but of teaching and the barriers in transitioning from a martial arts background to Krav Maga. I’ve enjoyed the classes with Orjan too, and the class that Austin took was fun.” – Pete (Sheffield)

“Just some feedback, the admin side of things from enquiring about the club to setting up membership has been excellent :-)” – Paul (Durham)

“Although some people see Krav Maga as a way to learn self-defence, it is much more than that.
I have seen people gain a lot of self-confidence, getting fitter, more determined, be able to focus better, lose weight, learning life skills and getting in a good strong mental state.
Spartans are people who train hard, help each other to surpass their perceived limits and push you on when you want to give up.
Personally, I don’t know many other communities that are as close-knit and inclusive. I am proud to be part of this bunch of people.
To experience this magnificent world you just need to join it, so come on and take that first step towards your new life and happiness!” – Pete (Xtreme Krav Maga and Newcastle Class)

“I really enjoyed and gained from first class, and it opened my eyes to the reality & effective quality of true Krav Maga via Mr Husar’s expert tuition alongside his other students.” – Ray (Newcastle)

“First class was a blast! I enjoyed it so much, I paid for full membership! Hope to keep going with this, as I learnt a lot in my first session!” – Josh

“ I’m covered in bruises from last week, but it was brilliant. I also ached terribly for two days after but Krav Maga is perfect for my needs. Gheorghe is a brilliant instructor and great at what he does. I can’t wait to get more into it.” – Andrew (Leeds)

“I am so thankful for the confidence that I have been given through Krav Maga. The teaching and seminars are excellent and I tell so many people this, I know a lot of time and effort goes into the preparation for classes and I so appreciate it, Gheorghe is a very good teacher. We need to know how it could be in real life when things go wrong and I find that in these classes. Thank you.” – Chrissie (York)

“Thoroughly enjoyed my first training session as an official member… yet again learnt a LOT – can definitely say confidence is growing week by week.” – Lee (Sheffield)

“Great taster lesson, friendly atmosphere and attentive instructor who made me feel welcome from the outset.” – Terry

“I really like Gheorghe’s straight to the point no BS attitude. That’s exactly the type of instructor I was looking for. Raw fast controlled aggression. I love it.” – Gareth (Sheffield)

“I’ve done five different martial arts over ten years, and your class of Krav Maga, in my opinion, is the most practical, and I’m the fittest I’ve been in years. Love Krav Maga.” – Chris

In my short amount of time learning Krav Maga, my fitness, awareness and confidence have been boosted and I know that if a situation presented itself I have the knowledge to defuse it or if need be de-habilitate the aggressor. It is also very fun and you get to train with some great guys and Gheorghe’s knowledge and the way he instructs is clear and easy to learn. I look forward to continuing my training.


Krav Maga is an all-encompassing system, incorporating everything from the most common street attacks to ground fighting. As a student, I am constantly challenged and conditioned to incorporate the techniques taught by this system into my muscle memory. Self-defence has become an instinctive mental and physical reaction for me. I want to particularly encourage other women to join the Spartans Academy of Krav Maga brotherhood. The Instructor and students are friendly, focused and determined to help each other progress within the system.


Krav Maga is a great self-defence to learn and even after almost two years I’m still glad I took the decision to give it a go. Gheorghe pushes our physical fitness to the maximum and teaches us invaluable techniques while also ensuring the class is both interesting and enjoyable enough to want to go back for more.


For me Spartans Academy does exactly what it says : a self-defence system that is effective & directly applicable to all types of street, pub fight etc. scenarios. The system’s moves are not over complicated – like other martial arts can be – and as such they can be learnt over a relatively short time period. For someone who wants to learn how to defend themselves effectively (including how to avoid confrontation scenarios in the first place) I would recommend Spartans Academy. Gheorghe is 1st rate Instructor!


I have recently started going to Krav Maga in Hull, and it’s a great physical workout with the added bonus of learning a realistic martial art. To make things even better everyone who attends this class is friendly and helpful. It’s the best thing I’ve done in years.


I joined Spartans Academy in 2008. At first I was just looking to try some “martial art”. That all changed after the first 5 minutes. It was immediately apparent that Gheorghe Husar is great at teaching the techniques and making us train hard while having a good time. I have been very fortunate to have been able to train with such a dedicated and talented Instructor. Dana has us train in a variety of environments, from outdoors to the gym to a small crowded room. The training at Spartans Academy is top notch. I’ve had the experience of training martial art and they’re just not as good. Gheorghe don’t let you get away with sloppy techniques. I have been able to use some of the techniques out on the streets which I’ve learned in class. I have been lucky enough to never have had to use any kicks or punches, but I’ve used the strategies to avoid the dangerous situations completely. Just by being more aware of what’s going on around me and my environment has helped me avoid potentially dangerous situations.


I’ve always considered myself to be a confident person and someone who would probably never be attacked. After my years of training I came to realize I was never as confident as I am right now. I feel confident that if I’m attacked or if someone I care about is attacked while I’m with them, I will be able to make a safe defence and get away quickly. This confidence I have has also helped me at my job. I am looked to as a leader by others and if I look like I don’t know what I’m doing, I will lose their respect. This is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thanks


Gheorghe, our Krav Maga instructor, has given me the confidence and the ability to understand and address the majority of difficult situation that may arise, effectively and quickly.
Unlike most self defence systems Krav Maga is quite easy to learn and adapt to and I believe is the most realistic form of self defence systems out there.
Gheorghe makes every class as fun and active as possible and after every class you come out feeling that you have achieved and learnt something extremely valuable in the art of self defence.


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