TT_-_logo_v1“The feedback from our participants was that they found the sessions really enjoyable and that they liked doing something different and that took them out of their comfort zone. They all said that they had learnt something that could benefit them both now and in the future.  From a personal point of view, I really liked the sessions and thought Gheorghe was incredibly  knowledgeable. I really like how he made the sessions both challenging and fun, whilst keeping the group engaged at all times. He had a really good manner with the groups and his firm approach is something that I think the Group’s will benefit from. He was very approachable and took time at the end to answer any specific questions the group had and give demonstrations to different situations that perhaps hadn’t been covered in the session.  I thought the basic self-defence sessions were brilliant and something that I feel everybody, regardless of age, sex or ability could benefit from and it’s something we would definitely like to do again on future NCS cohorts.” – Kris at Tigers Trust

Krav Maga for Cathedral Archer Project“We were very happy with how the sessions ran, they were well organised and Gheorghe, our instructor explained things well and made the experience of learning self-defence enjoyable. It was clear that he was very passionate about teaching and connected well with the clients. We feel that everyone who attended gained useful knowledge of self-defence. The service users were disappointed that we had only organised 4 sessions and were very keen to get involved in more.

On behalf of the Cathedral Archer Project and Sheffield Hallam University we are very grateful for your time and effort and we would definitely consider using Krav Maga Academy again.” – Kay, Sheffield Hallam University

jlgb “We absolutely loved it, Gheorghe was amazing and was really good with the children! We would love to have you come again at some point. We hope Gheorghe enjoyed it too!” – Zoe, Northern Development Worker, at JLGB


“I’ve been training with the guys from Spartans since May. Each session both builds and recaps in previous routines and methods. 2 hrs is prefect for fitness and working on the drills. We’ve built up a core of regulars as well as continual taster sessions bringing in new faces. I’m really enjoying the classes and would recommend to anyone wanting to get fit while learning excellent core defence skills. Thanks to the guys from Spartans.” – Neil (Leeds)

“I’ve been really impressed with the classes and Gheorghe’s knowledge, insight and understanding, not just of Krav Maga and biomechanics, but of teaching and the barriers in transitioning from a martial arts background to Krav Maga. I’ve enjoyed the classes with Orjan too, and the class that Austin took was fun.” – Pete (Sheffield)

“Just some feedback, the admin side of things from enquiring about the club to setting up membership has been excellent :-)” – Paul (Durham)

“Although some people see Krav Maga as a way to learn self defence, it is much more than that.
I have seen people gain a lot of self confidence, getting fitter, more determined, be able to focus better, loose weight, learning life skills and getting in a good strong mental state.
Spartans are people who train hard, help each other to surpass their perceived limits and push you on when you want to give up.
Personally, I don’t know many other communities that are as close knit and inclusive. I am proud to be part of this bunch of people.
To experience this magnificent world you just need to join it, so come on and take that first step towards your new life and happiness!” – Pete (Xtreme Krav Maga and Washington Class)

“I really enjoyed and gained from first class, and it opened my eyes to the reality & effective quality of true Krav Maga via Mr Husar’s expert tuition alongside his other students.” – Ray (Newcastle)

“First class was a blast! I enjoyed it so much, I paid for full membership! Hope to keep going with this, as I learnt a lot in my first session!” – Josh (Cleethorpes)

“I’m covered in bruises from last week, but it was brilliant. I also ached terribly for two days after but Krav Maga is perfect for my needs. Gheorghe is a brilliant instructor and great at what he does. I can’t wait to get more into it.” – Andrew (Leeds)

“I am so thankful of the confidence that I have been given through Krav Maga. The teaching and seminars are excellent and I tell so many people this, I know a lot of time and effort goes into the preparation for classes and I so appreciate it, Gheorghe is a very good teacher. We need to know how it could be in real life when things go wrong and I find that in these classes. Thank you.” – Chrissie (York)

“Thoroughly enjoyed my first training session as an official member… yet again learnt a LOT – can definitely say confidence is growing week by week.” – Lee (Sheffield)

“I really enjoyed trial session and Graham was fantastic. Very good instructor. The training is like nothing I’ve had before and the people are great.” – Darren (Washington)

“Great taster lesson, friendly atmosphere and Will was an attentive instructor who made you feel welcome from the outset.” – Terry (Cleethorpes)

“I really like Gheorghe’s straight to the point no BS attitude. That’s exactly the type of instructor I was looking for. Raw fast controlled aggression. I love it.” – Gareth (Sheffield)

“I’ve done five different martial arts over ten years, and your class of Krav Maga, in my opinion is the most practical, and I’m the fittest I’ve been in years. Love Krav Maga.” – Chris (Cleethorpes)

“I decided 2 years ago to take up a martial art but I wasn’t sure which one. I have a few friends that train in different styles, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, kung Fu etc. All I knew what that I wanted to learn something that was effective in real situations. My brother who is a current Serving Royal Marine recommended Krav Maga, as it’s quick to learn, brutally effective and concentrates on effective self-defence techniques. After doing a lot of research through the various Krav Maga organisations, IKMF, KMG, Krav Maga Core etc. I was impressed with background of Spartans Academy. All the local instructors had at least 5 years of Krav Maga training through various internationally accredited sources, and had been graded from Israel under the above organisations. As luck would have it, a new Class in Washington was starting up and I jumped at the chance to get involved.
The Instruction at Washington through Graham Robertson has been second to none. I would say the class is split between 30% fitness and cardio training (through exercises relevant to our syllabus), and 70% Krav Maga techniques, techniques that are current and reality tested. I think this is important and confirms to me that I chose an authentic source from which to learn. I didn’t want to spend ¾ of the class doing fitness routines and ¼ learning self-defence techniques; I can top up my cardio training in my own time, but I can’t teach myself Krav Maga.
The class at Washington has steadily grown since it started, but not to the point where tuition suffers. We have constant instructor input throughout the whole 2 hour session, so you’re never left to pick up bad habits. There are no egos in the class, everyone is very friendly but at the same time we push and physically test each other, after all you need to know what your learning will work.
My advice to anyone thinking of taking up Krav Maga would be to take the plunge, you won’t regret it. Send emails to some of the Krav organisations mentioned above and ask for details of recognised local schools in your area. Most will do either free or discounted trial classes. Try a few different schools and chose a one that feels right. At the end of the day, you’re going to be learning something that could potentially save your life or that of your loved ones. So why gamble. I’m sure I speak for all of Graham’s Students when I say, we feel safer knowing we are learning credible, authentic techniques.” Chris (Washington)

In my short amount of time learning Krav Maga, my fitness, awareness and confidence have been boosted and I know that if a situation presented itself I have the knowledge to defuse it or if need be de-habilitate the aggressor. It is also very fun and you get to train with some great guys and Gheorghe’s knowledge and the way he instructs is clear and easy to learn . I look forward to continuing my training .


Krav Maga is an all-encompassing system, incorporating everything from the most common street attacks to ground fighting. As a student, I am constantly challenged and conditioned to incorporate the techniques taught by this system into my muscle memory. Self defence has become an instinctive mental and physical reaction for me. I want to particularly encourage other women to join the Spartans Academy of Krav Maga brotherhood. The Instructor and students are friendly, focused and determined to help each other progress within the system.


Krav Maga is a great self defence to learn and even after almost two years I’m still glad I took the decision to give it a go. Gheorghe pushes our physical fitness to the maximum and teaches us invaluable techniques while also ensuring the class is both interesting and enjoyable enough to want to go back for more.


For me Spartans Academy does exactly what it says : a self-defence system that is effective & directly applicable to all types of street, pub fight etc. scenarios. The system’s moves are not over complicated – like other martial arts can be – and as such they can be learnt over a relatively short time period. For someone who wants to learn how to defend themselves effectively (including how to avoid confrontation scenarios in the first place) I would recommend Spartans Academy. Gheorghe is 1st rate Instructor!


I have recently started going to Krav Maga in Hull, and it’s a great physical workout with the added bonus of learning a realistic martial art. To make things even better everyone who attends this class is friendly and helpful. It’s the best thing I’ve done in years.


I joined Spartans Academy in 2008. At first I was just looking to try some “martial art”. That all changed after the first 5 minutes. It was immediately apparent that Gheorghe Husar is great at teaching the techniques and making us train hard while having a good time. I have been very fortunate to have been able to train with such a dedicated and talented Instructor. Dana has us train in a variety of environments, from outdoors to the gym to a small crowded room. The training at Spartans Academy is top notch. I’ve had the experience of training martial art and they’re just not as good. Gheorghe don’t let you get away with sloppy techniques. I have been able to use some of the techniques out on the streets which I’ve learned in class. I have been lucky enough to never have had to use any kicks or punches, but I’ve used the strategies to avoid the dangerous situations completely. Just by being more aware of what’s going on around me and my environment has helped me avoid potentially dangerous situations.


I’ve always considered myself to be a confident person and someone who would probably never be attacked. After my years of training I came to realize I was never as confident as I am right now. I feel confident that if I’m attacked or if someone I care about is attacked while I’m with them, I will be able to make a safe defence and get away quickly. This confidence I have has also helped me at my job. I am looked to as a leader by others and if I look like I don’t know what I’m doing, I will lose their respect. This is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thanks


Gheorghe, our Krav Maga instructor, has given me the confidence and the ability to understand and address the majority of difficult situation that may arise, effectively and quickly.
Unlike most self defence systems Krav Maga is quite easy to learn and adapt to and I believe is the most realistic form of self defence systems out there.
Gheorghe makes every class as fun and active as possible and after every class you come out feeling that you have achieved and learnt something extremely valuable in the art of self defence.