£58 per month


£51 per month


£48 per month


£46.50 per month


£51 per month


£28 per month


£20 (2 hours)
non-member option


£68 (4 classes)
non-member option

You can always try a training session for FREE before joining. This will give you an idea of how we deliver the Krav Maga skills.
After making your reservation you will hear from our booking team within 48 hours, with full details about your trial session, what to wear and what to bring with you.

Book trial now!

Join on the night of your FREE trial and receive our special offer for FREE. Joining consists of: paying the joining fee and signing the direct debit form, therefore, this must be done on the night of your trial to receive your special offer.

Had a free trial but need more time to decide, why not try a second class for half price – only £10! (Special offer cannot be applied once you have participated in a second trial).

Special offer – Online Tuition  – YOU GET THIS FOR FREE (RRP £28 per month) when you join on the night of your free trial class.

24/7 Access to WORLD CLASS Online Tuition with an International Recognised and Award Winning Academy and taught by MASTER Gheorghe Husar and Expert Orjan Pettersen.

  • Krav Maga Tuition at the touch of a button.
  • Self Defence skills and training.
  • Workouts and exercises.

To qualify for this special offer, pay the £55 cash Joining Fee and sign up for Monthly, Discounted or Family Membership (paid via Direct Debit) on the night of your free trial class (at the end of your free trial class). Cheques will NOT be accepted. Payment is non-refundable. This membership cannot be cancelled early. Monthly payments are via Direct Debit (UK only). No cancellation of the Direct Debit is accepted prior to the first payment.

To be eligible for our Spartans Academy of Krav Maga membership you must currently be over 16 years of age (young adults aged between 16 and 18 must have parental consent).

Can only be used in conjunction with the Discounted or Monthly Memberships.


Membership involves a one off Joining Fee payment of £55. For this you receive a Joining Pack including everything listed below.  The Joining Fee is also required to complete your registration as a member to Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, British Combat Association and to set up your Direct Debit.  This fee is a once in a lifetimes payment, so even if you cancel and re-join at a later date you will not have to repay it.  Discounts cannot be applied to the Joining Fee. Fee is non-refundable.


  • Spartans Academy Official T-shirt
  • Groin Protection
  • Gum Shield
  • UNLIMITED Access to all of our Classes and Locations
  • FREE 6 hour ‘Core Krav Maga’ Seminars
  • 10% DISCOUNT on your first order at kravmaga-academy Shop
  • Discounted Seminars & Workshops

As you know, once you have paid the Joining Fee you never need repay it and regardless of the number of times you cancel and rejoin (or the time between that cancellation and re-joining). This means you are a Member of Spartans Academy for life. While you are paying for the classes (per month, 3 month or 6 month membership) you are an Active Member and can take full advantage of the Members Benefits. Once you have cancelled or suspended your payments you are an Inactive Member but you are eligible for the following:

  • To attend the Core Krav Maga seminars for the highly reduced rate of just £40! (RRP £90)

Need to take a break but don’t want to leave the club?

We do offer the option to suspend your monthly payments for  1, 2, or 3 months, to make life as simple as possible.

Membership cancellation

Should you wish to cancel your membership and cease training with Spartans Academy, you are required to give 30 days written notice prior to the cancellation of your membership and/or direct debit (email is acceptable).  Membership cannot be cancelled before the first direct debit payment.  Refunds will not be given for unused credit or unattended classes/training. If you do cancel your direct debit without giving notice or before the first direct debit payment you will be charged a £20 admin fee (payable via bank transfer or in cash).

Rejoining after a cancellation

If you were previously a member of Spartans Academy of Krav Maga who gave 30 days notice of cancellation and are rejoining, you will not have to re-pay the joining fee. Those who failed to give the notice will be charged an admin fee of £20 (payable via bank transfer or in cash).

Membership, annual holidays & occasional class cancellations

  • We do not run classes on Public/Bank Holidays.
  • We take our annual leave for 2 weeks over the Christmas/ New Year period and 2 weeks during the summer holiday period. Exact dates may vary each year and will be posted on our Facebook page and sent out via email newsletter.
  • We will NOT refund part membership payments for classes not attended, occasional class cancellations due to bad weather, instructor illness or when the locations we hire have to temporarily close for maintenance/events or similar activities, nor when we have informed members of a cancellation in advance, or for classes which are suspended during the holiday periods.

Membership: The Joining Pack

  • You receive a groin projection, gum shield, and t-shirt.  You choose your t-shirt size, standard men’s (unisex) sizing: S (ladies 8), M (10-12), L (14), XL (16-18), XXL (20-22). We are unable to exchange t-shirts and groin protection for hygiene reasons. We encourage you to try the t-shirt on receiving your pack and before the class commences.


  • No refunds will be given where payments have been made and the student/member/payer changes their mind or has not attended the training session, weekly classes, seminars, workshops or any other activities run by Spartans Academy of Krav Maga.
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