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Our many students and instructors have flooded their personal and our academy’s social media with countless comments in recent months and years about the positive contribution our club has made to their skills, strength, situational awareness and self-confidence.

There is no doubt our history equips our academy to have a unparalleled foundation to teach on. We call our training authentic, from source. Why? Because our teaching has come direct from Israel through Eyal, Haim, Amnon and Itay. Because we seek any developmental dimension to our teaching direct from source. Because our principles of teaching are consciously connected to our authentic source, we do not look to deviate from these. All this is connected with the principles of teaching based on our Chief Instructor’s extensive military teaching background, something clearly identifiable within our academy classes.

This is our lineage.

This is our pedigree, where we come from.

Superlatives have abound from the Expert Level teaching led by our Chief Instructor on our technical and tactical development to the atmosphere of family and friendship that permeates our many classes, themed seminars and extreme boot camps abroad. I know from my many conversations how our physical and psychological training have indeed changed people’s lives for the better and helped them avoid or handle potential life threatening situations.

These student sentiments are stated genuinely and with gratitude. I am not surprised when I see they are shared by everyone involved in our academy to each other, to their family and friends and to others involved in Krav Maga.

This is our pride, what we have become.

We believe in our pedigree. We feel our pride. We sense the Krav Maga family we have created.

I see the care, constructive criticism and camaraderie extended to every new student as they tentatively try out or join our academy. This is our pedigree and pride in action. This is us reaching out to say ‘join us, experience what I have become’. We want this family to grow and build further friendships. This is why we recommend, reiterate and respond about what we do in our personal lives, to family, friends, strangers.

New or old to Krav Maga, we encourage and extend our invitation to anyone and everyone to experience our competence and community. We have a passion to reach as many people as possible. Not because of greed, but because of how our teaching can safeguard and enrich people’s lives.

This is our potential, what we can be.

I read with some incredulity this week a blogged perspective from a fellow Krav Maga organisation about the pedigree, pride and potential we have. I feel compelled to repeal the irreverence expressed in the blog. It translated all the above into what it called ‘dirty business, dirty politics, dirty tactics’, using personal and obscene attacks to underline its points. All because we recommended our academy to potential new and old Kravers.

This is simply an ignorant and ill informed perspective.

We do have an authentic pedigree. We do feel proud and we shout about it. We do have potential to reach many people and allow them to flourish physically and psychologically through what we teach.

We believe we can save lives and limbs. We have confidence in our community and our own story. We believe people are mature to make their own choices as to where and how they want to learn self defence.

This is our Krav Maga. This is our academy. This is our integrity and intent.

Proud to study, teach, be a Spartan and a friend to our community of Spartans.

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