Law Enforcement

Law-EnforcementA modern Police Force or Law-Enforcement agency needs the tools to educate its officers and members of its entire regular and special units in the topics of defensive tactics, self-defence, hand-to-hand combat and fighting at close quarters when the firearm cannot or must not be used.

Forming and educating a fighter as a whole and not just as an operator of weapons (firearms, batons etc.) is essential to achieve a competent officer, that in a time of need will turn into a determine and aggressive fighter capable of fulfilling the demanding and dangerous tasks on-hand.

One that can respond correctly, without using excessive force, but with excellent ability to solve any problem and including protecting his fellow officers, or civilians when needed. The International Krav-Maga Federation & School with our unique and excellent system knowledge from around the world, we are able to offer you high levels of training.

We offer basic and custom made Law enforcement courses in the following:

  • Defensive Tactics
  • CQB
  • Fighting Skills
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

These courses are specific to Law Enforcement and applicable to all sectors of the police, law-enforcement and security agency personnel.
We emphasise that the training is not aimed at changing your operating procedures. We aim to enhance the skills and training that are already possessed by the participant.

Producing a Law enforcement officer who is able to function correctly under stressful conditions with determination, aggressiveness (at the required level) and with good self-control whilst using the most effective techniques and tactics is our primary goal.


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