Xtreme Krav Maga Romania

Chief Instructor of Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, Gheorghe Husar, took the well-known ‘Tour and Training’ and totally reinvented it, bringing his Spartans ‘Xtreme Krav Maga Romania’.  This phenomenal annual Krav Maga Training Trip ran from 2013 to 2018, every year Spartans Academy Romania (Baia Mare) Chief Instructor, Samir Pop was instrumental in organising Xtreme Krav Maga and helping Husar to raise the bar each and every year.

2013 saw Spartans put through: outdoor training, pub confrontation, moving Coach fights, big guns, and dog attacks.

2014 Xtreme, most memorable test was self defence and krav maga training on a construction site! We’re talking no handrails, concrete jungle, sky high – nuts but so much fun. Oh no wait, the axe attacks that is right up there with aforementioned most memorable training.

2015 – training in and around a disused building, paint-balling, pub fights and in forest self defence scenarios and don’t forget the bus (funnily enough no one wanted a ride, they didn’t know it was actually the safest place in town).

2016 outdoor outdoor in the heat; on the concrete, go go go, Krav in the swimming pool with a bag over your head, the Chief never fails to find a way to simulate real-life scenarios on a stressful, adrenaline, nervous system kind of level… get on a coach and fight all the way to see the mountain train (Gheorghe let the Spartans rest!?.. don’t be daft, they still had day six ahead of them).

2017 gun and knife survival outdoor training – focus – it was hot! , trekking up a mountain training all the way, forest, view point hunt – never an opportunity to learn missed.

2018 a HUGE trip, the last? The most ‘testing’ Grading. Indoor outdoor. Remember the Bear.

No Spartans were injured in the making of these little pieces of Krav-History and how did they return, each and every year? Absolutely ELATED.

See gallery below.

A Focus on Instructor Samir Pop

Chief Instructor of Spartans Academy Romania, Samir Pop, is the Founder of CCS, Caini de Cautare si Salvare a non-profit Search and Rescue Team, the first of its kind in Romania.
Seen here rescuing someone who got lost on Maramures mountain the team is made up of highly qualified medical professional volunteers. Samir brings together his expertise from his Service in the Special Police Unit, Krav Maga, Orienteering and Professional Dog Training/Handling (dogs trained for police forces and security industry).

We are so Proud of our Instructor Samir and his team!

A recent Facebook post from, Gheorghe sums up this wonderful man, “Samir, my brother, the very best friend I could ask for, I have never seen someone work so hard and I know no matter where you or I reside in the world; you have got my back and you know that I have yourscontinue reading.

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