IMG_6073Just like many of our students, I started training Krav Maga without any previous martial arts experience, although I have kept very physically active with regular functional training in my adulthood following a competitive background at a county level in several sports in my native Norway.

My first experience with Krav Maga as a self-defence system was the simplicity and reliance on natural responses. This enabled students like myself to make quick progress when training. I started to learn situational awareness and de-escalation methods to avoid potential threatening behaviour and techniques and tactics to deal with single or multiple aggressors with or without weapons. The training allowed students to build skill and confidence in stages; learn components of self-defence techniques, put these together and embed in muscle memory, then apply the stress and shock of a real-life violent encounter for the student to instinctively use the learning when it would matter most.

It rapidly became clear that Krav Maga is about self-defence in a real-life environment; on the street, at home, in a vehicle, on public transport… It showed you how to use your immediate surroundings as your tool; your umbrella, your pen, your bag, your mobile phone, your chair. Krav Maga was not a sport. No competitions, no rituals, no vanity of status or elitism – only a like-minded community working hard under world-class instruction towards their goal; being able to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

I have discovered that learning self-defence skills from the most effective system in the world brings huge benefits; increased self-belief and confidence, situational awareness, feeling of safety and general fitness. The training is very beneficial beyond the self-defence technical aspect; working on cardiovascular development, physical and mental strength, flexibility and speed – more than most individual sports training can provide.

I have used the opportunity to train across the many locations Spartans Academy have weekly classes in since becoming a student, including the chance our members and instructors have to attend seminars on weekends to either work on general skills or for specific themed learning. I also attend our yearly training camps in Romania; our opportunity to work on advanced skills for full days over a whole week.

Having worked hard at applying my learning, I was accredited as a Self Defence Trainer by Krav Maga Master Haim Sasson in 2014 and completed the Civilian Instructor Course in early 2015 under Krav Maga Expert Gheorghe Husar. I now teach classes across several of our many locations.

Spartans Academy of Krav Maga is a passionate community of students and instructors dedicated to help you develop unique physical and psychological skills to keep you and your family and friends safe. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to join it.

January 2020 saw this award-winning Krav Maga Expert create ‘The Krav Maga Educator’, a free digital service under Krav Maga United Kingdom.

Explore valuable information on tactics, techniques and thinking, training and teaching, nutrition and recovery, body language and communication, psychology and physiology and legal and medical self defence themes.
A vast free library of articles on self defence easily accessible for you with the addition of  excellent weekley Masterclasses on Krav Maga techniques and tactics.

For more information about the expertise behind ‘The Krav Maga Educator’ brand check out:

No rules. No ref. Just skills

Experience and Knowledge:

February 2013 – Tactical Pen Seminar   (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

May 2013 – Never Surrender Seminar (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

July 2013 – Road Rage & Car Hijacking Seminar (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

September 2013 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

Nov 2013 – Third Party Protection Seminar   (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

April 2014 – Third Party Protection Seminar (Master Amnon Darsa)

August 2014 – Self Defence Trainer Course (Master Haim Sasson)

August 2014 – Street Scene Seminar (Master Haim Sasson)

August 2014 – Family Seminar (Master Haim Sasson)

August 2014 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

November 2014 – Tactical Pen Seminar (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

February 2015 – Civilian Instructor Course (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

August 2015 – Weapons seminar (Dr. Itay Gil)

August 2015 – Tactics seminar (Dr. Itay Gil)

August 2015 – 1 day Private tuition with (Dr. Itay Gil)

September 2015 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

October 2015 – Road Rage & Car Hijacking Seminar (Expert Gheorghe Husar)

December In 2015 Orjan furthered his Krav Maga Instructor knowledge taking a “Top-Up” Qualifications under (Dr. Itay Gil) – Israel

February 2016 – KMG Winter Camp, Poland. (Expert Michal Sog)

April 2016 – Third Party Protection & Active Shooter Seminar ((Dr. Itay Gil)).

In 2016 – Short Course in Filipino Boxing (Panantucan, Suntukan) under Mataas Na Guro Daniel Sullivan  – London

2017 – Fighting Skills & Tactics Seminar ((Dr. Itay Gil))

2017 – Surviving on the ground Seminar ((Dr. Itay Gil))

2017 – Close Quarter Combat Seminar ((Dr. Itay Gil))

2017 – Road Rage Seminar ((Dr. Itay Gil))

2017 – Close Protection Seminar (Dr. Itay Gil))

2017 –  I was being awarded the title of Survivor Level 5 by Dr. Itay Gil

2018 –  I was being awarded the title of Expert Level 1 by Gheorghe Husar

2019 –  I was being awarded the title of Expert Level 2 by Dr. Itay Gil



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