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We teach Krav Maga and Self Defence to adults and families, every THURSDAY between 19.00 and 21:00 at Benfield Centre For Sporting Excellence, Benfield Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4NU

Our Krav Maga Classes in Newcastle offers a safe space where you can improve your mental health by learning how to defend yourself against an opponent, gaining the confidence you need to face any situation, and improving your physical fitness with this intense workout. Reap the benefits of Krav Maga training in a professional and safe environment!

Krav Maga near me? Look no further. Spartans Academy of Krav Maga is the place to learn the self defence system of Krav Maga. Join us Today.





WARNING. This video contains scenes of violence and occasionally strong language.

WARNING. This video contains scenes of violence and occasionally strong language.



“I have been lucky enough to have been training with Spartans Academy of Krav Maga for nearly 5 years. In that time I have learned so much from their world class, highly skilled team of instructors. Not only do they equip their students with vital self defence skills in a world of ever increasing and ever evolving danger, but also the mental and physical capabilities to maintain a safe and healthy mind and body.
World class indeed!”  Ruth Hodgkins

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“I started with Spartans Academy last year and have never regretted a minute of it. The training is excellent, even through the recent pandemic using Zoom has been first class.The students are excellent. Every session is a fantastic experience with Master Gheorghe Husar, Constant revision so there is not too much skill fade and always excellent instruction on new drills from Gheorghe and other Spartans instructors. If you want to learn self defence from first class instructors packed with knowledge then this is the place to start!  NRM


“Spartans Academy of Krav Maga is an extremely friendly and professionally run , well established and internationally recognised practitioner of close quarter hand to hand combat .
The sessions are dynamic and delivered by experts in a safe and highly disciplined, well managed environment .
Each training session is tailored to be both meaningful and purposeful. Everything is connected and the emphasis is on keeping safe and surviving life threatening scenarios .
It’s great for personal well-being physical & mental health, improving both agility and endurance , self confidence and self control . Krav Maga is a total game changer and I am proud to be part of this beautiful family!’ Simon Burnage


“Been with Spartans Academy since 2008 and without a doubt the best self defence taught by Internationally winning and recognised instructors, just check out the website to see all the awards its gained over the years.
Chief Instructor Gheorghe approaches Krav Maga in a simplistic way so that anyone can learn to defend themselves if the need arises increasing your confidence and fitness.
I’ve been at the Academy for 13 years and will keep going as its the best.’ Paul


“From the first moment I decided to take a free trial, my experience has exceeded my expectations. I had a ton of questions which were all answered patiently and carefully by Hannah in Admin, and the classes have made a big difference to both my confidence and fitness. Expert and friendly instructors led by Gheorghe make the lessons both fun and informative. There is a real community vibe and everyone shares this.
And age is not a barrier….I am not as young as I used to be and I am enjoying every minute. Highly recommended 👌 👍 👏” Stephen Anthony


“I’ve been a part of the Spartans Krav Maga community for over a decade. for a lot of that time I was inactive due to an extended period away from the area on business and for an extended business due to life threatening illness. Throughout this time the community was supportive and has welcomed me back. During my inactive periods I attended the one day short courses / seminars whenever I could to keep in touch.

The instructors and techniques are world class and practical.

I could wax lyrical for hours about the character and capabilities of Gheorghe Husar, the founder and chief instructor of Spartans Academy. Suffice to say his knowledge is peerless and his thirst to learn from students and different fighting styles boundless.

Newcastle is a brilliant club with a supportive team of instructors and students.

You’ll get a lot out of training with us.”  Phil Durrant


“The Spartans Academy of Krav Maga provides a very comprehensive set of training/skills. Getting fit whilst training – yes, but isn’t it a responsibility of the person themselves to be “fit for training”? Otherwise, just go to a gym… The attention to the details of each stance, technique and every move is superb. The additional bonus is the knowledge of the legislation provided to students. It’s no good when you knock down the aggressor by tiring yourself in throwing multiple punches/kicks (where you could use just a couple!) – and then being legally responsible! All in all: if you want the “science” in Krav Maga, this is the place to go to.” Natalia N


Take the Spartans Academy of Krav Maga’s Thursday night training sessions at Benfield Centre For Sporting Excellence, Benfield Rd for example. These weekly two-hour sessions don’t just offer students the chance to learn the krav system, they also help to build cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscle endurance and communications. In a nutshell, this is thinking person’s way to get buff. According to the Spartans team, it also has a very real power to make you safer:  Read more

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