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We are Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, located in Leeds. Our goal is to provide the people of Leeds with the knowledge and awareness of self defence, fitness, and mental health. We want to help you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Spartans Academy provide classes for those looking to boost confidence, gain awareness of their surroundings, and learn skills to defend themselves against aggressors.

At the Spartans academy of Krav Maga, we believe in providing a safe, supportive environment for people to get fit and be confident. With over 20 years of experience training members of the public and children, we know that it’s possible to achieve fitness goals and mental wellbeing.

TUESDAY between 19:00 and 21:00 VENUE: Kirkstall Leisure Centre, Kirkstall Ln, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3BE





WARNING. This video contains scenes of violence and occasionally strong language.

WARNING. This video contains scenes of violence and occasionally strong language.

Inspiring life-changing classes. Empower yourself!

We designed our Krav Maga Leeds self defence classes with you in mind. From bullying to terrorism, and everything in-between, learn to stay safer against every kind of personal attack. Whether armed or unarmed, single or multiple assailants, our Leeds Contact Combat training is developed for you to become better protected in your local area and beyond.

We teach you how to use and apply your Krav Maga Skills  in order to look after yourself and your family and friends.

Our Krav Maga Leeds isn’t just about your Self Defence skills. It’s about YOU.

Beyond instructing you on personal protection thinking, tactics and techniques, we can guide you to become fitter, healthier and stronger – physically and psychologically.

Krav Maga training is about personal character as much as personal close quarters combat.

Krav Maga Leeds classes go beyond physical self defence skills. You will develop your situational awareness, evolve your body language skills, and become more adept in reading and reacting to human behaviours. Even more, you will learn self defence law, criminal psychology, and conflict management in what we believe is the most comprehensive self defence package in the UK today.

Your local weekly class is complemented by an extensive calendar of local, national, and international training events for those who want to take their training to even higher levels.

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