“To sit in on a lesson taught by Gergana is a privilege, the children are enthralled, keen to impress and do their best, Gergana reminds them it’s not a competition, the only person you compete with is yourself…”

Gergana joined Spartans Academy of Krav Maga with no previous experience in martial arts but a genuine interest in Krav Maga and having the ability to defend herself if she ever needed to. Gergana was keen to learn skills that do not rely on strength or power but on “street smart”, situational awareness and understanding body biomechanics to turn the opponents’ strength and aggression against them. Gergana likes to keep fit, an active person even before joining the academy, she takes part in a range of sports and in particular enjoys running marathons as that also gives her the opportunity to raise money for great causes.

A passion for people, Gergana is a pharmacist so helping people is part of her day to day professional life but it goes far beyond that, Gergana has an innate drive: to motive, to inspire, and to help as many people as possible. This is an asset to an academy that already strives to do just that. Gergana became a Krav Maga instructor under Krav Maga Master Gheorghe Husar in 2018 and immediately began work as an inspirational, role model for the Academy’s Young Spartans and female Members.


As part of her duties, Gergana has received training in Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and learnt the essential skills to detect, report and deal with abuse, especially emotional abuse (which is the more insidious form of aggression and often the most invisible one). This training, her natural ability in Krav Maga Self Defence “proving size and sex doesn’t matter”, coupled with her passion to help and inspire; has enabled Gergana to put all of her practice and knowledge in to action and make a real difference to women and children through Spartans Academy projects like: Rotherham Council’s ‘Anti-Bullying and Self Defence’ Programme, ‘Self Defence for Girls’ IDAS and ‘Self Defence for Young Adults’ through National Citizen Service.

“…The 5-8 year olds’ class comes to a close after they’ve completed stretches, self defence exercises, assault courses, fitness drills, and a ‘keeping safe’ anti-bullying group chat.
Gergana gets the young ones safely back to their parents and it’s straight into the class for 9-15 year olds. Dynamic warm up, stretches, fitness drills and ‘self defence for real life’: how to apply your knowledge and skills – the attendees are having to deal with defending and obstacles. This is followed by more stationary (to give them a working rest) work on their technique. They’re improving muscle memory, thinking, vision, confidence and self defence skills. By the end they are tired but they don’t want to stop! Fantastic, never give up attitude and an excellent class from Gergana.”

Professional qualifications:

June 2018 – Anti-bullying training certified by Anti-Bullying Alliance
May 2018 – Civilian Instructor Course (Master Gheorghe Husar)
September 2017 – Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
September 2017 – QA Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF) (Including Management of Catastrophic Bleeding)
March 2017 – Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Level 2
June 2005 – Pharmacist Diploma and Qualifications

Krav Maga experience and knowledge:

October 2019 –  Gergana furthered her Krav Maga Instructor knowledge taking a “Top-Up” Qualifications under (Dr. Itay Gil) – Liverpool
March 2019 – Hull  (Expert Orjan Pettersen). Graded S3 level.
August 2018 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Master Gheorghe Husar). Graded S2 level.
May 2018 – Civilian Instructor Course (Master Gheorghe Husar)
May 2018 – KravMagaLogy Test Your Skills (Master Gheorghe Husar)
March 2018 – KravMagaLogy Surviving a Knife Attack Level 2 (Master Gheorghe Husar)
February 2018 – KravMagaLogy Surviving a Knife Attack Level 1 (Master Gheorghe Husar)
January 2018 – Core Krav Seminar (Master Gheorghe Husar)
January 2018 – KravMagaLogy Fighting Skills and Tactics (Master Gheorghe Husar)
December 2017 – Close Protection Seminar (Dr.Itay Gil)
August 2017 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Master Gheorghe Husar)
June 2017 – KM Marathon (Master Gheorghe Husar)
April 2017 – Fighting Skills & Tactics Seminar (Dr.Itay Gil)
January 2017 – Core Krav Seminar (Master Gheorghe Husar)
September 2016 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Master Gheorghe Husar)
April 2016 – Third Party Protection & Active Shooter Seminar (Dr. Itay Gil)
February 2016 – KM Winter Camp Poland (Expert Michal Sog)
January 2016 – Core Krav Seminar (Master Gheorghe Husar)
October 2015 – Road Rage Seminar (Master Gheorghe Husar)
September 2015 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Master Gheorghe Husar)
August 2015 – Weapons Seminar (Dr.Itay Gil)

Latest Krav Maga Qualifications:

January 2020 – Survivor Level 4

June 2021 – Survivor Level 5

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