Anti-Bullying and Children’s Self Defence

Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, Children’s Self Defence, is pleased to announce the official recognition of our Instructor team’s anti-bullying Anti-Bullying - Children's Self Defencetraining and proud to be an Associate Member of Anti-Bullying Alliance.

We whole heartedly support Anti-Bullying Alliance’s vision and values and are helping stop bullying and bring lasting change to children’s lives.

Children and young people have the right to feel safe, secure and valued, we take the safeguarding of children very seriously and believe dealing with bullying is a shared responsibility.

Our Children’s Self Defence Classes

Our Children’s Self Defence classes create a safe environment for children to become more aware, confident and mentally able to deal with life.  While we do teach children physical abilities to deal with bullying or a threatening situation, we do not promote or support violence in any shape or form and children are taught that to defend one’s self is the last resort.

Thank you to Anti-Bullying Alliance, to read more about the vison and values we support please read on.

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