“My 6 year old daughter loves this class. Her confidence has grown so much since starting!” – Sammy (Children’s Self Defence York)

“What a great class for anyone to take. My son, who is 12 now has been going for a year and has grown so much through this kind of teaching and training. He has been challenged mentally and physically and really likes it. George and Hannah really have a big heart for the kids and pour their lives into all that they do. He’s much more confident in himself and even practices at home without being asked. He really loves it!” – Jeanna (Children’s Self Defence York)

“Brilliant self defence class. My Son has been attending for a while now, and it’s made a huge difference to his confidence. I feel this is a key life skill that every child should be taught. Thank you Gheorghe & The Spartans!” – Katie (Children’s Self Defence Harrogate)

“Jacob (nearly eleven years old) really loves his Self Defence lessons, and as a parent I love him going. It’s a great hobby but more importantly Jacob has already used what he has learned to defend himself against a much bigger and older boy in school, who got my son in a very dangerous headlock from behind. Jacob goes to what I would describe as a “very nice” school (not like my old school!!!), and the teachers handled the situation appropriately afterwards… I however think Jacob handled the situation better. I am very pleased that he was able to look after himself, he has showed a bully that he won’t be pushed about, that he can and will defend himself. Thanks to the team Jacob came away with a few bruises rather than a serious injury. Thanks team! From Jacob and his parents.” – Jen (Children’s Self Defence York)

“My daughter is really enjoying the sessions.  I’m so pleased she’s got an activity to increase her awareness and confidence in her body’s strength and abilities.” – Jade (Children’s Self Defence York)

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