Six days of Intensive Krav Maga Training with the world’s top Krav Maga MASTER Gheorghe Husar

Meet Kravers from around the world and improve your self-defence skills in no time. Our Krav Maga programme is suitable for all levels from beginners up to experienced Krav Maga instructors.


Location: Baia Mare, Romania

Upcoming Xtreme KM dates: 20-27 August 2022

Be a part of an experience you won’t forget any time soon! What are you waiting for?

EARLY BIRD only £800! Secure your place before 30.01.2022 and save £250! 

Price: £1050

Pay in Instalments:  Option one  £210 x 5 

Pay in Installments Option two £150 x 7

Prices include: over 30 hours of training, accommodation*, breakfast, airport transfer, t-shirt and certification. Terms and Conditions apply.


If the trip is cancelled by us you will receive a full refund. If you are unable to attend/cancel your place £200 is kept by us as a non-refundable deposit.

More information:

  • Flights will be from Luton (flights not included in above price)
  • Information on what to bring (clothes, protective equipment, etc.) will be sent out nearer the time

Don’t miss this one. It’s going to be the biggest and the highest-level event we ever had.

For each XTREME KRAV MAGA, our team secures bookings at ‘La Fontana’, one of Baia Mare’s best accommodations.

The hotel features elegant, air-conditioned accommodation and free WiFi throughout.

*Accommodation is based on twin/two people sharing. Private rooms are available on request with a £100 surcharge.

Savor authentic Romanian & Italian specialities in La Fontana Hotel Baia Mare. Enjoy traditionally made pizza with a variety of tempting toppings, fresh from the oven as you sip a glass of fine Romanian wine.

 *Breakfast is included.

Training Clothes: Bring enough clothes to last you for three training sessions (wash & hang in your room if you don’t want to pack to much).

Training Gear: Groin protection, mouthpiece. Also, optional: shin guard, head guard.

Training Shoes: when training in the gym wrestling shoes or barefoot. On outdoors training regular sneakers are fine. Bring an extra pair for water training.

Participants will receive a certificate for the special training conducted in the event. This certificate is accredited by: Spartans Academy of Krav Maga UK, Protect Israeli Security Solutions, Federation of Israeli Martial Arts (FIMA), Engage Academy and Krav Maga United Kingdom.

Don’t miss this one. It’s going to be the biggest and the highest-level event we ever had. BOOK NOW


Gheorghe Husar Israeli Krav Maga Master

Israeli Martial Arts School of the Year 2020 | Esteemed Modern Warrior 2020 | Esteemed Martial Artist 2020 Hall of Fame

Awarded by Israeli Martial Arts Federation (FIMA) and ‘Action Martial Arts Magazine’ at The Action Martial Arts Mega Convention, Atlantic City 2020.

Gheorghe Husar is one of the most respected Krav Maga Masters in the world and the Chief Instructor of Spartans Academy of Krav Maga and Engage Academy.

Also is The Only representative of Protect Israeli Security Solutions and Israeli Martial Arts Federation in UK and the Chief Instructor of Engage Academy

Don’t miss this one. It’s going to be the biggest and the highest-level event we ever had.


I wanted to mention how great was my first Xtreme event. Being inexperienced in Krav or any other martial arts, I have learned a lot during this week of intense training. I loved that I had to go through more complex drills than the ones in the class, as I had to learn and adapt to new situations. Also, I realised that the skills learned are applicable not only for self-defence but also across other domains when we need to prove resilience, self-discipline, and react well in stressful situations. I can relate to this in my day to day job as a registered nurse, as I need to demonstrate all of those skills daily. The week of Xtreme also improved my fitness massively, which I really welcomed after the months of not exercising during lockdowns. The frequency of stretching and Tabata helped a lot with this. I wanted to mention also that I was really grateful to see how everybody was so friendly and made me feel at ease as I was aware that everybody else was much more experienced in Krav than I am, most of them being instructors. This made the whole experience even more enjoyable whilst improving my skills with the best people in Krav. Thank you for the great experience!


Extreme Krav Maga is an event every Spartans Academy student should experience at least once. A week worth of daily 6 + hrs of Krav Maga. Let me paint you a picture.
From your arrival to your departure, everything is taken care of, transport, food, first aid (just in case), locations for training, and anything else needed for you to only focus on one thing, training. For a week, you eat, breath and dream Krav Maga. You wake up at a ridiculous hour in the morning and it does not matter what time you go to bed, the next day starts as early as the previous one.
Training is planned in a way that exposes you to as many scenarios as possible to develop your muscle memory and mental resilience. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, over and over, yet still in a safe environment.
Your awareness and fighting skills will improve, your reaction time/decision making time will decrease. Most importantly, your mental resilience and confidence will be boosted as you see yourself keep training/fighting long after your body has said “enough”.
But let’s be honest, you also have time to socialise, after training, to discuss training, the latest movie/show/music event you attended or why on earth you have booked your precious holidays to come do what most would refer to as “boot camp”. You also get the last day “off” to go visit the breath-taking Romanian cultural heritage, followed by a dinner-party to celebrate you getting through the Spartans “Hell-week”.
Last but not least, you will only notice your improvement when you go back to the regular Spartans classes. As you train with the same colleagues, you will notice how more advanced you have become compared to those who did not go to the Extreme Krav Maga event. You will notice how fit you became in the span of just a week. Finally, when performing stress drills, you will notice how calmer and more focused you are, as you are confident that no matter how tired you are, you know you will keep going.


“Krav Maga Master Gheorghe Husar is one of the most respected and leading self defence experts in the world and has designed an approach to instructor training not found anywhere else.

Teaching beyond the techniques, tactics and thinking he has developed from his vast experience in Krav Maga and martial arts, and from working with leading authorities in his field across the globe, his instruction also envelops a richness of associated fields relevant to all aspect of self defence.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the annual Xtreme Krav Maga trips to Romania, where skills are taken to the next level and you can achieve months of progression in a single, but intense, week-long experience.

As an instructor with Gheorghe Husar for many years, I can wholly recommend his philosophy and didactics, knowledge and skill, only surpassed by his care for those he coach and his people-before-profit approach to Krav Maga development.”

My experience on Xtreme Krav Maga in Romania was great on both occasions and is something I would recommend to any Krav Maga practitioner given the chance.
It’s a worth-while course in advancing your progress, and an opportunity to cover a wide range of content in a short space of time.
It’s both challenging and rewarding, and whilst facing new scenarios you get the chance to train in different environments and conditions, not always possible in our weekly sessions back home.
Taking yourself away from distractions, and into a new environment to focus on training for an entire week makes the trip a hugely valuable experience.


I attended the camp in 2017 and thought it was a great experience that has had a positive affect that is still with me today. The people were amazing – everyone worked well together and we all had a great laugh. Whether it was while in a sweaty mess during stress drills, or toasting achievements with a glass of fiery Palinka at the end of the day – strong bonds were quickly formed. There was a strong, inclusive family atmosphere.
It became obvious why the Extreme camps sell out quickly and why most attendees had been several times – I think the Xtreme Krav Maga camp is one of a kind.

The training was top quality and gave us the ability to really immerse into the techniques. The way each day progressed and built on the previous day’s training gave a huge boost in skill and confidence.  Personally, I felt that I gained 6-12 months progress during that week alone (compared to just attending classes). But there was more to it than that … the scenarios, environments, and surprises enhanced the training in ways that would be almost impossible in a gym.

The Xtreme Krav Maga trip was interesting, testing, funny, life affirming, and a bit crazy – I absolutely loved it.

Am avut șansa și onoarea de a participa la toate stagiile Extreme Krav Maga România și mai mult să fiu implicat în organizarea acestor sub directa îndrumare a Spartans Academy of Krav Maga UK prin mentorul meu Gheorghe Husar.
Fiecare an de EXTREME Krav Maga a adus un plus de valoare în pregătirea mea și a celor ce au participat. Totul a fost dus la extrem, fără protecții pe sol, direct pe piatră sau beton cu opt ore de antrenament continu în plin soare și cu un mod de lucru intens invers proporțional cu scuregerea timpului, adică: în funcție de scurgerea celor opt ore de antrenament cerințele de concentrare, efort fizic, raspuns eficient în luptă erau tot mai mari ca și când începi antrenamentul. Au fost zile în care după cele opt ore de antrenament seara continua cu un alt set de trei ore intense de pregătire iar dimineața te aștepta cu mult zâmbet de la ora șase o nouă zi de foc.
Am legat prietenii, am văzut suferință, dorință de reușită, curaj, ambiția fiecăruia de a încheia cele șase zile de pregătire la foc continu în fața unui adevărat EXPERT Krav Maga, echidistant și hotărât să nu lase loc nici unui compromis indiferent de starea elevilor implicați în pregătire.
Da, un adevărat profesionist în Krav Maga, Gheorghe Husar și o adevărată provocare reală EXTREM Krav Maga România în care starea ta trece de la agonie la extaz și invers, timp de șase zile de foc în IAD.
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