I first became involved with Krav Maga in 2009 aged 19, with my brother. I rapidly found myself becoming fascinated by the techniques which allow people of all ages and abilities to anticipate dangerous situations and de-escalate or defend against weapons therefore making me feel safe and confident in the knowledge I can protect those closest to me.
I had tried to increase my physical fitness and strength but had found the discipline I required to exercise in more traditional ways lacking as I became bored with the monotony. Krav Maga was everything I was looking for. The ethos of Krav Maga is to never give up and always strive to be better. I have learned physical skills and techniques which have built my stamina and my self-belief which has helped me in all areas of my life.
Krav Maga is an all-encompassing regime which teaches life skills for self-defence in real life situations using everyday objects from the environment around us and things we have on our person, such as keys, coins, bags and phones. It also teaches the same skills to deal with situations which are less predictable but a greater threat. It gives skills which allow you to defend against individuals of much greater stature who would without these skills have the advantage. These same skills will allow you to defend against more than one attacker or against weapons and allow clarity of thought to prioritise the risks posed from your potential attackers.
I completed the self-defence trainer’s course under the instruction of Krav Maga Master Haim Sasson in August 2014 and completed the Civilian Instructors course in February 2015 under the instruction of Krav Maga Expert Gheorghe Husar and now teach these techniques at several locations for Spartans Academy. Each year I attend the week long training camp in Romania which brings together likeminded students and trainers to deepen our knowledge of the discipline. As my ability has improved I have attended seminars led by Krav Maga Master Haim Sasson and Krav Maga Master Amnon Darsa.
Spartans Academy of Krav Maga is a community with Gheorghe Husar at its heart ensuring all students progress their skills through seminars and gradings. We develop our skills together as a group and have a camaraderie which you can be a part of by joining our ranks and improving your life!

In 2015 Will furthered his Krav Maga Instructor knowledge taking a “Top-Up” Qualifications under Prof. Itay Gil – Israel

2017 – Fighting Skills & Tactics seminar (Prof. Itay Gil)

2017 – Surviving on the ground Seminar (Prof. Itay Gil)

2017 – Close Quarter Combat Seminar (Prof. Itay Gil)

2017 – Road Rage Seminar (Prof. Itay Gil)