Born in North East Lincolnshire, from a young age i always had an interest in martial arts and fighting skills. I joined a local Judo club and learnt many techniques and skills involved within that discipline, and have also enjoyed a spell boxing before parent hood and my business activities diverted my attention.

Like most Guys I’ve always been fascinated with being able to look after myself, and it was a chance meeting with a body guard of all people in Cyprus while on holiday, that i became interested in Krav Maga. I searched the internet on my return and found the nearest club to me “the Spartan Academy in Hull”, under the steward ship of Gheorghe Husar it has certainly changed my life. The skills, the confidence it gives you, the fitness, the camaraderie and dedication gave me the opportunity to become a qualified Civilian Krav Maga Instructor.

I’ve enjoyed some great experiences with Krav Maga, the Seminars, the trips to Romania, the instructor training courses and the new friends.
It helps in so many everyday situations, the fighting and self defence skills are real and not just for show, it teaches you how to avoid situations, and more importantly how to deal and cope with the stress of being threatened or in an unlikely attack.

I really look forward to helping you in your quest for Krav Maga learning and skills, guiding you to a more confident and safer lifestyle plus potentially helping save a life.

In 2015 Peter furthered his Krav Maga Instructor knowledge taking a “Top-Up” Qualifications under Prof. Itay Gil – Israel

In 2016 – Short Course in Filipino Boxing (Panantucan, Suntukan) under Mataas Na Guro Daniel Sullivan  – London

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