I found Krav Maga five years ago when I was studying Kickboxing.  For me, Kickboxing was great for fitness and stamina but when it came to defending myself and others against real-world threats i.e. being attacked with a weapon or facing multiple opponents I was unsure how I could respond to these.

I researched self-defence techniques and came across Krav Maga. The more I read about it the more intrigued I became.  Here was a system that was proven and used by the Israeli Defence Forces and other various military/law enforcement agencies globally but few people seem to know about it.

I was fortunate enough not long after George Husar, our Chief Instructor, held a seminar in Newcastle. It ran over two hours and was exhausting but I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.

The beauty of Krav Maga for me lies with its simplicity, why do a technique with multiple moves, when Krav Maga can accomplish the same with just a few? 

Along with our normal weekly classes, there are also seminars ran on selected weekends which cover various scenarios. In 2012 I was fortunate enough to travel and train with my fellow ‘Kraver’s’ for a week in Romania. This was a fantastic experience which I would recommend to anyone.

Krav Maga is suitable for everyone regardless of age or gender. For me, it has increased my fitness to a new level and I feel more confident that if a situation arose I would be able to respond appropriately.

In 2016 Paul furthered his Krav Maga Instructor knowledge taking a “Top-Up” Qualifications under Prof. Itay Gil – UK

2017 – Close Protection Seminar (Prof.Itay Gil)

2017 –  I was being awarded the title of Survivor Level 5 by Prof Itay Gil.