Having a background in traditional martial arts especially Kickboxing I wanted to learn something that could be more adaptable to outside the training ring where there are no rules and weapons used by an opponent could range from a glass bottle to a firearm.

After researching online, I came across Krav Maga. I was fortunate that Gheorghe Husar ran a seminar in Newcastle Sept 2008 just a few months later.

I approached the seminar with an open mind and was actually shocked how what I had learnt so far was okay but lacked the edge in a confrontation against an armed opponent, who would fight without a set rule mindset.

After this I immediately signed up and started classes one week later. After a few months I decided to discontinue the traditional martial arts I was also learning as I wanted to concentrate on Krav Maga from now on.

From 2008-2013 I progressed under Spartans Academy attending various seminars and grading. In 2013 I was offered the chance to qualify as an Instructor which I gladly accepted. The course was tough but as to be expected at Spartans Academy.

Since then I have continued to improve my Krav Maga by attending various seminars and training courses. I also attend regular Instructor updates run by the academy.

For me personally Krav Maga boosted my confidence not just physically but mentally also. This has allowed me to use skills learnt in other walks of life.

Physically I have never been fitter since joining the academy due to the workouts included in the classes.

Ten years in and I look forward to the next ten and meeting people from across society and introducing them to the benefits of Spartans Academy Krav Maga.


Experience and Knowledge:

February 2010 – CQB Seminar -(Master Gheorghe Husar)

September 2012 – Xtreme Krav Maga Romania (Master Gheorghe Husar))

August 2013 – Krav Maga Spartans Instructor Qualification

April 2014 – Krav Maga Core Instructor Qualification (Master Amnon Darsa)

August 2014 – G2 Qualification via Krav Maga Core (Master Haim Sasson)

August 2014 – Street Scene Seminar (Master Haim Sasson)

April 2016 – Krav Maga Instructor Certification & Krav Maga Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Third Party & Active Shooter Seminar (Itay Gill, Protect Israeli Security Solutions)

November 2016 – Emergency First Aid at Work & Emergency First Aid for sport and Exercise Course

June 2017 – Krav Maga Marathon Completed (Master Gheorghe Husar)

Sept 2018 – Pistol/Handgun Training Nashville USA

Dec 2017 – Bodyguard training seminar & S5 qualification via Itay Gill and Protect Israeli Security Solutions

May 2018 – Advanced Safeguarding Children Training Course

June 2018 – First Response Emergency Care (FREC) Course

March 2019 – Expert (E1) qualification via Master Gheorghe Husar

June 2021 – Expert 2 (E2) qualification via Master Gheorghe Husar


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