Krav Maga Master UK

We have our first Krav Maga Master in the United Kingdom!
Krav Maga Master - Gheorghe Husar
Spartans Academy of Krav Maga is immensely proud to congratulate Krav Maga Chief Instructor Gheorghe Husar on his Masters diploma from Protect College. This Masters, an accredited diploma acknowledged by the state of Maine department of education USA.  A huge achievement!

Krav Maga Master Gheorghe Husar

Master Gheorghe Husar has over 30 years’ experience in multiple martial arts and Krav Maga. Beginning his Krav Maga journey 18 years ago, Gheorghe Husar has innovated and simplified Krav Maga.  He has founded an amazing non-profit Krav Maga network, ‘Krav Maga United Kingdom’.  Created the most welcoming and accessible Krav Maga family in the world, ‘Spartans Academy of Krav Maga’.  Gheorghe also continues to fight for self defence classes for all and a “people before profits” “freedom to train with anyone” Krav Maga world.

Grand Master Dr Itay Gil has mentored Gheorghe for the last 5 years and Husar has become one of Itay Gil’s top instructors.  Master Gheorghe Husar has amassed many achievements in his time as a Krav Maga Self Defence practitioner and Instructor.  Gheorghe is a very diligent and dedicated person and teacher.  Gheorghe trained for 16 weeks in didactics, methodology, motion, movement, biomechanics and of course Krav Maga skills with Protect College. Furthermore, Master Husar gained a 92% pass rate! … A distinction and that title of Krav Maga Master.

We here at Spartans Academy know only too well that Gheorghe puts his students and Instructor team at the forefront and heart of everything he does.  While he thanks Engage Academy who gave him the scholarship to achieve this dream, his life ambition, it is every Spartan Instructor and student Gheorghe thanks the most.

Famous quotes from Master Gheorghe Husar,

“Improvise overcome”

“Every kick in the ass is a step forward”

“Awareness is the first layer of self defence”

Train with Master Gheorghe Husar and his Team, check out Spartans Academy of Krav Maga Newcastle, York, Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Durham – Book a Free Trial


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