Krav Maga Instructor Course 

This is your opportunity to become an instructor and add Krav Maga to your existing martial arts school or even open your own stand-alone Krav Maga training centre.

Spartans Academy of Krav Maga offers a covetedbest-in-class Krav Maga Instructor Course led by Master Gheorghe Husar, one of the most respected and leading self defence experts in the world.

Developed to fit a learning experience where you stay in control, providing a combination of online video learning, private videoconferencing mentoring and in-person group training, the course is designed to minimise your travel and accommodation costs whilst maximising your time management and opportunity for commitment.

The course is divided into three parts, of which the first two gives you the opportunity for online video pre-learning, follow-up at-home practice and supplementary private online mentoring at your home location prior to testing via video conferencing. The final part is a group section across two full weekends leading to a concluding in-person examination.

We are renowned in our approach to creating new and improved standards within our original concept of Krav Maga, revolutionising the design, development and delivery of self defence training. Our Krav Maga is created in partnership with world-renowned Krav Maga Master Prof. Itay Gil and includes a richness of associated fields relevant to the teaching of effective self defence.

Successful completion of the course is dependent on meeting specific criteria at the end of each section of the course, concluding with the final examination of both Krav Maga skills and teaching abilities.

Following a successful completion, you will be awarded a Krav Maga Instructor certification recognised by FIMASpartans Academy of Krav MagaKrav Maga United Kingdom and authorised by Master Gheorghe Husar, representative of FIMAProtect Israeli Security Solutions and Chief Instructor of Engage Academy, Krav Maga United Kingdom and Spartans Academy of Krav Maga.

Successful candidates will have access to continued professional support and development from some of the best Krav Maga Masters and Experts in the world through our people-before-profit network Krav Maga United Kingdom, including multi-annual instructor development and updates, free personal mentoring, social media support and access to the intellectual subject matter capital of all participants in the network.



  • Minimum age: 20
  • Two years of Krav Maga training with a recommendation of the current Krav Maga Instructor OR;
  • Four years in another martial art, such as boxing or kickboxing, with good punching and kicking skills.
  • Reasonably fit and willing to sustain intensive training


  • Good physical well-being and general fitness
  • A clean criminal record
  • The ability to fund the course in full


  • KM1 and KM2 will be run online. After each part candidates will be tested via zoom or they can come to one of our trainings in order to be tested.
  • You must pass both KM1 and KM2 to get onto KM3.
  • KM3 will be dedicated to teaching methodologies and management. The applicants will attend 40 hours (5 days) of training split in 2 parts (Friday-Saturday-Sunday; Saturday-Sunday)
  • KM1 starts 01/12/2020
  • KM2 starts 01/01/2021
  • KM3 – 19/20/21 February 2021 and 27/28 February 2021

COST £1500


Our Krav Maga Instructor Course is physically and mentally demanding and candidates are not guaranteed to pass. What we do guarantee is that, once qualified, instructors will be in possession of the most rigorous and comprehensive instructor certification available.


“Krav Maga Master Gheorghe Husar is one of the most respected and leading self defence experts in the world and has designed an approach to instructor training not found anywhere else.
Teaching beyond the techniques, tactics and thinking he has developed from his vast experience in Krav Maga and martial arts, and from working with leading authorities in his field across the globe, his instruction also envelops a richness of associated fields relevant to all aspect of self defence.
As an instructor with Gheorghe Husar for many years, I can wholly recommend his philosophy and didactics, knowledge and skill, only surpassed by his care for those he coach and his people-before-profit approach to Krav Maga development.”

Am trăit foarte mulți ani cu senzația vagă că o culoare închisă a unei centuri obținute practicând arte marțiale îmi va ține de cald și mă va proteja în situațiile limită.

Momentul zero și restartarea mea în ceea ce înseamnă autoapărare o datorez unui singur om și anume Gheorghe Husar. Alături de el am început pregătirea în Krav Maga în 2009 iar primul meu examen pentru poziția de instructor fiind anul 2013 Anglia. A fost cel mai greu examen din viața mea cu momente dificile în care vroiam să mă opresc și să renunț. A fost una din cele mai lungi zile din viața mea, iar datorită susținerii colegilor care mă impulsionau să nu renunț am reușit să închei examenul pentru instructor.

Am șansa să mă pregătesc și să reprezint un om de cea mai mare calitate profesională, un adevărat Expert în această artă a celui mai complex și real Sistem de Autoapărare, Krav Maga.

Recomand cu toată tăria și cea mai mare încredere Spartans Academy of Krav Maga prin mega Expertul în Krav Maga Gheorghe Husar.

Te antrenezi cu Gheorghe Husar?! Te antrenezi cu cel mai bun!!!…

”I undertook an instructor course taught by Gheorghe between January and April 2018. This was my second Instructor course following the completion of an Instructor Course run by Dr Itay Gil in May 2016.
The course took place over 3 months and consisted of both physical and mental training. There were both physical training sessions that examined your fitness and ability to work under pressure as well as sessions that focused solely on teaching techniques.
Gheorghe is an excellent Krav Maga Instructor. I knew this going into the course as I have trained under him since 2013. His ability to command a room and get the best from his students is truly exceptional.
Throughout the course, Gheorghe taught me how to improve my own skills and how to teach by keeping instructions concise and focusing on the bigger picture of the training session and what students should get out of it.
Doing this over a sustained period of time also tested each individual to ensure their teaching and physical skills were consistently up to scratch.
I myself am used to talking in public forums being in law and yet I learnt a number of things about speaking to people from Gheorghe that he uses and which make him truly stand out.
It will not be easy but he will make you the best instructor you can be. 10/10. Exceptional course.”
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