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Who are we

Durham Krav Maga Self Defence has existed since 2015 and from this time we have had the proud achievement of helping many people get fitter, increase in confidence and learn how to Survive threats against themselves or others. via our unique, internationally award-winning Self Defence techniques. We are not a martial arts class as we are teaching to survive threats in a real-world environment

How  do we do this

Firstly, all our Krav Maga Durham classes are run in a safe, friendly environment where our training program is structured to help students. For two hours each week, we will push you to work beyond your perceived limits and move beyond these to realise anyone can learn self defence. Plus other classes in the area can be attended if you are an active academy member.

Is there a specific type of student

No – All of our students come from various backgrounds, ages and fitness levels. One thing in common is the desire to learn self-defence, survival skills

Realism & Honesty

At the Krav Maga Durham Class, we do not believe in teaching impractical or unrealistic techniques, promising the impossible. We will not make you invincible or the ultimate fighter. What we can do is help you to learn how to defend yourselves and othersrecognising threatsunderstanding your environment and using this methodology to survive an encounter.

We use the word Survive not defend as that is the key. You may get an injury defending yourself or others especially if a weapon is involved. We teach techniques to try and minimise any injury to yourself but will be honest with limitations.


At Krav Maga Durham we can offer (subject to availability and size)

  • Seminars with our Academy which are normally free and held every few months offering additional training
  • The chance to train with international instructors with ex-armed forces and special forces backgrounds
  • First Aid and Trauma course which goes beyond standard first aid course to show how to deal with the impact and penetrating injuries and how to aid.
  • Gradings. Test yourself for 6 hours to see if you can pass our high standards. This is not a requirement but offered as an additional way to test your abilities over 6 hours.

Should I try it?

Definitely, in an unpredictable world where violence seems to be on the rise learning skills on how to survive a violent encounter should be seen as in the same light as learning first aid. If it happens and we hope it never does, better to have skills.

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