August 20, 2022 @ 6:00 am – August 27, 2022 @ 7:00 am
Spartans Academy HQ

Extreme Krav Maga is an event every Spartans Academy student should experience at least once. A week worth of daily 6 + hrs of Krav Maga. Let me paint you a picture.

From your arrival to your departure, everything is taken care of, transport, food, first aid (just in case), locations for training, and anything else needed for you to only focus on one thing, training. For a week, you eat, breath and dream Krav Maga. You wake up at a ridiculous hour in the morning and it does not matter what time you go to bed, the next day starts as early as the previous one.

Training is planned in a way that exposes you to as many scenarios as possible to develop your muscle memory and mental resilience. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, over and over, yet still in a safe environment.
Your awareness and fighting skills will improve, your reaction time/decision making time will decrease. Most importantly, your mental resilience and confidence will be boosted as you see yourself keep training/fighting long after your body has said “enough”.

But let’s be honest, you also have time to socialise, after training, to discuss training, the latest movie/show/music event you attended or why on earth you have booked your precious holidays to come do what most would refer to as “boot camp”. You also get the last day “off” to go visit the breath-taking Romanian cultural heritage, followed by a dinner-party to celebrate you getting through the Spartans “Hell-week”.

Last but not least, you will only notice your improvement when you go back to the regular Spartans classes. As you train with the same colleagues, you will notice how more advanced you have become compared to those who did not go to the Extreme Krav Maga event. You will notice how fit you became in the span of just a week. Finally, when performing stress drills, you will notice how calmer and more focused you are, as you are confident that no matter how tired you are, you know you will keep going.

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