November 27, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
St Mary's College
Cranbrook Ave
Hull HU6 7TN
£ 50*

Krav Maga Grading

Students Grading is a means to measure your progression, to be able to show that you can retain skills, experience, and knowledge and demonstrate them in (staged) real life situations…

Why Grade?

Grading is a must for any Krav Maga practitioner who is serious about developing their skills. Gradings offer the chance for everyone to see just how far you have come and to have your progress as a practitioner rewarded.

Am I good enough?

Every instructor had to do that first grading, just as every instructor had that nervous experience of attending their first ever Krav Maga class just like you have done. They did not become instructors in a day, it took years of training, gradually increasing their skills using gradings to monitor their progress and mark their improvements. You can too.

Deciding on entering a grading can feel like an intimidating experience, particularly for those who have never graded in Krav Maga before. In a class you may have overheard conversations between those who have been at a recent grading sharing tales of exhaustion or pain and thought that a grading is not for you – it will be too hard, you aren’t good enough or you aren’t fit enough. The reality is that anyone can grade successfully. The only thing preventing you from doing so is your own apprehension. There is nothing more effective for removing your self doubt than receiving your first badge and certificate.

Gradings improve your training, not least because they offer you a target to aim for and with each successful grading your confidence will grow.

Gradings offer you the chance to see just how good your skills really are and discover what you need to do to improve them.

If you have been training for a few months you should attend your first grading. Just ask your instructor. If they think you will be able to they will tell you. If not they will tell you what you need to do to be able to. We are here to help. We want you to improve, in fact we want you to become better than us!

What happens in a grading?

Anything and everything can happen in a grading. It is a day to be enjoyed not feared. Yes, you will be tired. Yes, you will be stressed. But you will certainly enjoy it.

You will only be doing the things you have been taught at each and every class you attend, they will just be done in challenging contexts and scenarios.

Those going for different grades all do the same things. The higher the grade you are aiming for the better you need to perform. It is a gradual process of improvement. If you are struggling with something during a grading or if there are improvements that can be made the instructors will help you, just like in a normal class.

Gradings are something to be embraced and enjoyed.  If you are interested just talk to an instructor that knows you. There is nothing to lose, you will only gain. You’ll also have a few good stories to tell.

Stay Safe & Enjoy from Instructor, Austin Gilman

*Payment is non-refundable. Payment will be refunded if we, Spartans Academy, cancel the event.

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