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A black and white photo of a group of men practicing self-defense martial arts.

Krav Maga Master UK

We have our first Krav Maga Master in the United Kingdom! Spartans Academy of Krav Maga is immensely proud to congratulate Krav Maga Chief Instructor Gheorghe Husar on his Masters diploma from Protect College. This Masters, an accredited diploma acknowledged by the state of Maine department of education USA.  A huge achievement! Krav Maga Master …

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A group of people practicing Krav Maga in a gym.

Itay Gil and Krav Maga

There is a key difference between Krav Maga and traditional martial arts. Beyond the obvious dissimilarity that our system is not a sport, not intended for competition and not restricted by rules except those imposed by domestic self defence law, a significant philosophical mindset is omnipresent in what we do. Our skills in situational observation, …

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Two women with mixed ability levels practicing martial arts in a room.

Krav Maga Mixed Ability

Krav Maga Mixed Ability: proven advantages of learning within a mixed ability environment. The class is in full progress. John is a near-retiree, carrying a bit more weight than desired, and attending his first Krav Maga session. Phil is a karate practitioner in his late teens, strong and agile, and have practiced Krav Maga for …

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A gym embracing the rise of Krav Maga through men practicing martial arts.

Krav Maga on the Rise

Krav Maga on the Rise – more and more of you are taking up this effective self defence system, here the Newcastle Chronicle look at why and give you a wonderful insight into our regular classes.  The Chronicle attended our Newcastle Krav Maga class back in August and we extremely impressed with the teaching and Krav …

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A man is practicing Krav Maga on a basketball court.

Krav Maga for Young People

Each Summer, throughout July and August, our Chief Instructor, Gheorghe Husar, runs a Krav Maga for Young People programme through Tigers Trust for teenagers and young people taking part in National Citizen Service (NCS). NCS feel, as we do, that knowing how to defend yourself is an invaluable skill and one of the groups of people that are most …

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A group of men in a gym, practicing Krav Maga.

Discern, Discovery and Disclosure

Discern, Discovery and Disclosure: Ask Yourself What Does Your Krav Maga School Actually Teach You? Some truths and words always stay with us, imprinted on our memories and inscribed in who we are or what we do. This is one of them. It was delivered calmly to me, directly into my eyes, stated through experience …

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A group of people with potential in Krav Maga posing for a picture with paintball guns.


OUR PEDIGREE, PRIDE AND POTENTIAL in Krav Maga: HOW OUR ACADEMY GROWS WITH INTEGRITY AND INTENT. Our many students and instructors have flooded their personal and our academy’s social media with countless comments in recent months and years about the positive contribution our club has made to their skills, strength, situational awareness and self-confidence. There …


Police officers who work in law enforcement rely on their gun to enforce the law.

Law Enforcement

A modern Police Force or Law-Enforcement agency needs the tools to educate its officers and members of its entire regular and special units in the topics of defensive tactics, self-defence, hand-to-hand combat and fighting at close quarters when the firearm cannot or must not be used. Forming and educating a fighter as a whole and …

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A group of people practicing Krav Maga on a soccer field.

Xtreme Krav Maga ROMANIA 2014

X Treme Krav Maga is a unique 7 day program of pure fighting skills training! This exciting, one of a kind, 5 hour per day program will cover: working with REAL weapons such as knives and axes, Urban sessions – training taking place on the streets, defending armed assaults, and workshops in various opened & …

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krav maga self defence

Get Buff With Krav Maga In Newcastle

Right Newcastle, summer’s here and it’s time to get in shape. Whether you’re planning on jetting off to Kavos or Ibiza or you’re staying at home in the Toon, in this day and age you’re expected to be looking your best. Gentlemen, this goes for you just as much as the ladies – the girls …

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