OUR PEDIGREE, PRIDE AND POTENTIAL in Krav Maga: HOW OUR ACADEMY GROWS WITH INTEGRITY AND INTENT. Our many students and instructors have flooded their personal and our academy’s social media with countless comments in recent months and years about the positive contribution our club has made to their skills, strength, situational awareness and self-confidence. There […]

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Law Enforcement

A modern Police Force or Law-Enforcement agency needs the tools to educate its officers and members of its entire regular and special units in the topics of defensive tactics, self-defence, hand-to-hand combat and fighting at close quarters when the firearm cannot or must not be used. Forming and educating a fighter as a whole and […]

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Xtreme Krav Maga ROMANIA 2014

X Treme Krav Maga is a unique 7 day program of pure fighting skills training! This exciting, one of a kind, 5 hour per day program will cover: working with REAL weapons such as knives and axes, Urban sessions – training taking place on the streets, defending armed assaults, and workshops in various opened & […]

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