Why It Pays To Protect Yourself In York

With all its quaint cafés and quiet medieval streets, lovely old York can sometimes seem chocolate box perfect. There’s no doubting that it’s a beautiful place and completely deserving of its reputation as an essential tourist destination. But it’s not always quite as harmless as it looks. Like any other city, York has its dark […]

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Women and Krav Maga

In 2014, the discipline of krav maga finds itself as one of the fastest growing self defence systems in the world, with thousands of students enrolling for classes and seminars in the UK alone on an annual basis.  Krav is an explosive, aggressive discipline, perfected by Israel’s notoriously dangerous Special Forces over the latter decades […]

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Krav Maga a Real Account

Please see REAL account (below) of how OUR students CAN use KRAV MAGA if they have to: George, I just wanted to message you. Last night, I was out with a mate and I got started on in the toilets in a bar in London. I calmed the situation down and was able to get […]

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