£46.50 per month (6 Month Term Minimum)

The full 6 months must be purchased to receive the rate listed. Payment is to be made via BACS (Online Bank Transfer) or in Cash. Cheques will NOT be accepted. Payment is non-refundable. This membership cannot be cancelled early. If you wish to continue at this monthly rate you must set up a Direct Debit (payment collected first or fifteenth of each month depending on when you joined) 30 days before your 6 mth. (month) Membership ends. The next months (the seventh month of membership to Spartans Academy) payment will not be taken until you have completed the initial 6 month term. Fees are then paid monthly via Direct Debit (UK only). No cancellation of the Direct Debit is accepted prior to the first payment.

To be eligible for our Spartans Academy of Krav Maga membership you must currently be over 16 years of age (young adults aged between 16 and 18 must have parental consent).

NEW MEMBERS (customers) ONLY.

NO FURTHER DISCOUNT CAN BE APPLIED to the initial 6 month payment, the subsequent monthly payments or to the Joining Fee.

Membership involves a one off Joining Fee payment of £55. For this you receive a Joining Pack including everything listed below.  The Joining Fee is also required to complete your registration as a member to Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, British Combat Association and to set up your Direct Debit.  This fee is a once in a lifetimes payment, so even if you cancel and re-join at a later date you will not have to re-pay it.  Discounts cannot be applied to the Joining Fee. Fee is non-refundable.


  • Spartans Academy Official T-shirt
  • Groin Protection
  • Gum Shield
  • UNLIMITED Access to all of our Classes and Locations
  • FREE 6 hour ‘Core Krav Maga’ Seminars
  • 10% DISCOUNT on your first order at kravmaga-academy Shop
  • Discounted Seminars & Workshops
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